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Guangdong Jackson Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Jackson Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of automation equipment for the professional service hardware industry, providing automation solutions for the production process of the hardware industry. A technology-based enterprise that integrates product design, manufacturing, production, sales and service. The company has a complete system of research and development, manufacturing, assembly, sales and service. Have a high-quality research and development team, including mechanical design, software development, circuit design, pneumatic design, etc., using advanced computer design systems, CAD, 3D stereo design simulation and analysis of real working conditions, and constantly improve and launch new models to Meet the needs of the market and customers. Emphasis on independent innovation and independent intellectual property rights, and has obtained six product patents.

At present, the main products are punch manipulator, bubble stretching manipulator, rubbing stretch manipulator, multi-process automatic production line and other products. It is suitable for single/multi-channel stretching, annealing, trimming, and rounding; it is suitable for the production of stainless steel products such as pots, plates, bowls, lids, pots, etc. Stretched in aluminum products and iron products. It can be combined into a production line according to different products to automate the production process.

The existing products for the industry mainly include auto parts industry, kitchen utensils industry, motor industry, pressure vessel industry and so on.